Knox County Officer Fired After DUI And Theft Charges

Knox County Officer Fired After DUI And Theft Charges

jason hugh williamsJason Hugh Williams, a Knox County officer was fired by Sheriff Jimmy Jones after being charged with DUI and theft in Knoxville, Tennessee. Williams was arrested on August 16, 2013 after stealing a bag and car keys belonging to a couple at a West Knox nightclub. According to police, Williams was at Cotton Eyed Joe’s when he swiped the couples bag containing their cellphones and car keys, then proceeded to leave the parking lot in their Lexus. Williams allegedly took the vehicle but decided to go back to the nightclub where he was confronted by witnesses.

The Knox County officer has been charged with first offense DUI, one count of misdemeanor theft and two counts of felony theft. In a strongly worded letter of termination to Williams, Sheriff Jones wrote, “Your disgraceful behavior and dereliction of duty has jeopardized the Sheriff’s Office“. Witnesses, who had gotten into a physical altercation with Williams, called the police. When deputies arrived at the club they reported that Williams had a strong odor of alcohol about him and was unable to perform any field sobriety tests because of his “aggressive behavior“. Sheriff Jones also said that Williams’ arrest has discredited himself and the Knox County Sheriff’s office. Williams has been jailed at the Knox County Detention Facility on a $17,000 bond.

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