Kendall Sanders, UT Austin Football Player, Receives DWI

Kendall Sanders, UT Austin Football Player, Receives DWI

WTSP 10 News reported that Kendall Sanders, a receiver for The University of Texas at Austin football team, was arrested this past weekend for a DWI charge. Apparently, Sanders was at College Station when a Texas A&M police officer stopped him for a traffic violation. It was noted that although he was stopped at a street near Texas A&M, the violation did not actually occur at the campus. According to Brazos County police records, Sanders was imprisoned approximately around 5 a.m. However, the records also indicate that he was released at 8 a.m. on a bond of $3,000.

Mack Brown, who is the Longhorns head football coach, released a statement saying that the “university would monitor the situation and ‘do what’s best for the university, Kendall and the team.’ ” No further information regarding Sanders’ case was released. It was noted that he will be a sophomore next year, and that he emerged from spring practice as one of the favorites for Texas’ No. 3 receiver spot.

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