Kansas DUI Penalties are Severe

There is no question that drunk driving can lead to injury and even loss of life, and that should be enough incentive to take responsibility. The Kansas Legislature recently enacted measures designed to further deter drunk driving by raising fines and mandating harsh penalties.

For the first Kansas DUI arrest there is a $500-1,000 fine and automatic jail time. The fine increases to a minimum $2,500 fine by the fourth DUI offense. That fourth DUI arrest can also mean the permanent suspension of a driver’s license.

While the first and second DUI convictions are still misdemeanors, subsequent DUI arrests will be prosecuted as felonies.

There is a new $1,500 fine and at least 90 days of jail time if you refuse to submit to a breath test or provide a blood sample.

A Kansas DUI arrest also incurs financial burdens in the form of safe driving programs, court costs, counseling or rehabilitation, auto insurance, car impound and attorney’s fees.

Your arrest record will now remain in the public domain too. A Kansas DUI attorney could get those records sealed five years after an offense. The new legislation takes away the possibility of getting prior convictions expunged.

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