Judge’s Girlfriend Arrested for DWI When His Ex-Wife Reports Her to Police

Judge’s Girlfriend Arrested for DWI When Ex-Wife Reports Her to Police

Brenda Conway is the girlfriend of Judge Caretti, a Macomb County judge. One night Conway, Caretti, and Carreti’s two children attended a wedding reception and by the end of the night, Conway was in jail for DWI and Caretti was stranded when her car was impounded. Conway was driving the group home from the wedding when Caretti’s daughter texted her mother, the ex-wife of Judge Caretti. The daughter had sent a message that said her father had Brenda Conway driving and Brenda was very drunk.

Lori Conway, Caretti’s ex-wife, immediately called police. When the group arrived at Lori’s home, Brenda, was arrested for drunk driving. “Judge Caretti was in no condition to drive either, so the car was towed,” Lori Conway said. Caretti was taken to a nearby restaurant to make other arrangements for him to find his way home. Police filed a child abuse and neglect report with the state.

In another twist to the story, the 15-year-old daughter was supposedly asked to drive the car. She said she felt uncomfortable about doing so and declined. Judge Caretti came out with a statement defending those actions. He said his daughter had recently received her driver’s permit and was always asking if she could drive, so he offered her the choice to drive them home that night. In a statement, Judge Caretti said, “I had only two or three drinks over the course of seven hours at the hall and was certainly not intoxicated at midnight when we arrived at my ex-wife’s house as my very vindictive and inaccurate ex-wife claimed when you interviewed her…My daughter, who has her permit, always wants to drive, so I asked her if she wanted to drive for that reason only.”

Brenda Conway had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.18 that night, which is more than twice the legal limit.

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