Judge Gets Arrested For DUI

Judge Gets Arrested For DUI

The Sun Sentinel reported that a judge, Cynthia Imperato, was arrested for a DUI. Imperato, who is a judge in Florida’s Broward County, was arrested this past Wednesday after police officials stopped her for DUI and reckless driving. According to the news story, she spent Tuesday evening at a social legal function, she was seen weaving on the roadway, nearly hitting a vehicle in her white Mercedes-Benz in Boca Raton.

Imperato, 56 years of age, was released from jail early on Wednesday. The story reports that she called in sick to work and is waiting for officials to determine her legal situation. It was stated that Broward chief judge and Broward State Attorney’s Office are trying to figure out how to deal with her arrest. They commented that there is no specific process on how to determine a judge’s case on these type of situations. One of the judges stated, “Judge Imperato is a fine judge, she is a terrific human being and is entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process.” No further information was released concerning Imperato’s DUI.

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