The “Joker” Gets DUI

The “Joker” Gets DUI

CBS News reported that in Pittsfield, Maine, a man dressed up as “Joker” from the Batman was charged with a DUI. The 64 year old man, Dennis Lalime, was DUI when he lost control of his car and crashed it. According to the news source, he was returning from a Halloween party and wearing makeup like the Joker when he… lost control of his car at about 2 a.m., then struck multiple trees and rocks before coming to a rest. Luckily, a bystander called police officials upon witnessing the crash. Investigators stated that Lalime did not receive any serious injuries and that his face was painted white, with dark circles around his eyes, and his hair is dyed bright green, just like the villain in the Batman series. No futher information pertaining this arrest was released, except that Lalime was charged with a DUI. It is highly likely that he will soon be summoned to a court hearing.

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