Joe Simpson Gets Probation For DUI

Joe Simpson Gets Probation For DUI

joe simpsonJoe Simpson, the father and former manager of famous singers Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, has been sentenced to 3 years probation in his DUI case. Joe Simpson will also have to attend 3 months of alcohol education classes in addition to paying $390 in fines and even more in penalties. Simpson’s lawyer appeared in court on his behalf and entered the no-contest plea, allowing Simpson to bypass his court appearance. When Simpson was arrested on August 4, 2012, police found his blood alcohol content (BAC) level to be .12%, which exceeds the states legal limit of .08%.

Simpson spent one night in jail and was released the next morning at 9:41 am on $5,000 bail. According to close friends and family, Joe Simpson attributes his DUI arrest to his recent marital problems and coming divorce. Simpson had recently announced that he and his wife of 35 years would be getting a divorce, with their official divorce papers stating “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities“. In addition to his divorce, Simpson has had to publicly battle allegations of infidelity with gay partners that people say led to his divorce.

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