Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Charged with Washington DUI

Drunk DrivingDeputy Brian M. Post arrived for work at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department around 8:00 am, and shortly after a patrol sergeant suspected he might be intoxicated. He was suspended and taken home.
A preliminary investigation determined that Post had driven to work in his patrol car, so the evidence was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office and Post was charged with drunk driving in Washington.
No final action has been determined following the internal investigation though, in addition to DUI, Post faces charges of reporting to duty while intoxicated, violating sheriff’s department rules of conduct, bringing discredit to the sheriff’s office and disobeying sheriff’s office rules. Post, 45 could be fired for the incident. He is a seven-and-a-half-year veteran with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to that, he was employed by the Lynwood Police Department.

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