Is Beer Drinking As Natural As Eating Broccoli?

Beer as Staple

A new series of commericials promotes beer as a staple of life and
encourages increased consumption of the beverage in general, USA Today
reported on April 23.

A new Anheuser-Busch ad campaign, which starts today, features the
theme, “it’d be weird without beer” and shows people in typical
beer-drinking situtions. Instead of drinking beer, though, patrons are
served broccoli, yams, mackerel or other products. “The idea here is to
promote the unique role beer plays in American life,” said A-B
spokesperson Francine Katz.

Although tied to the Budweiser name, the ads are aimed more at
increasing overall beer consumption than a particular brand. A-B even had
even approached rival Miller Brewing to co-sponsor the ads, but Miller

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