Intoxicated Florida Man Uses Son to Bypass Breathalyzer

A Florida Panhandle man was arrested for drunk driving and using his son to bypass a court ordered ignition interlock device. A passenger in his pick-up truck was also arrested for trying to shoot at a robo-deer set up by a state agency to combat poaching.

Two officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission were working near a decoy in a wildlife management area when they spotted a pick-up stop nearby. A passenger in the vehicle climbed into the truck bed with a rifle and started to target the deer. When the officers identified themselves, Nicholas Tyler Burdeshaw jumped out of the truck and was nearly run over by the escaping driver. He ran into the woods where he was soon apprehended. Burdeshaw was charged with night hunting and, because he is a convicted sex offender, felon in possession of a firearm.

The officers investigated the truck driver and discovered that he had multiple convictions for Florida DUI and had an ignition interlock in his vehicle. The unidentified driver refused to submit to a breath test. Authorities determined that the man had used his 17-year old son to breath into the special alcohol detecting device in order to start the truck. The man was charged with non-felony, simple FL DUI, as well as night hunting.

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