Alcohol Intoxicated Driver Kills Himself and Passenger

Alcohol Intoxicated Driver Kills Himself and Passenger

Sources  stated that an alcohol intoxicated driver and cannabis smoker, who rolled his car into a power pole, killed himself and the passenger with him. It was determined by the Coroner Ian Smith that Kyle John Gregor, the driver of the car, had been driving at approximately 118 kmh as it passed another vehicle in an 80 kmh driving zone. Smith stated that Gregor “lost control as it rounded a right hand bend, fishtailed and hit a crash barrier…then spun around, leaving the road, rolling, and coming into contact with a post and wire fence before finally impacting a concrete power pole, which was demolished on impact.”

Gregor, who was only 22 years old and a local from Stokes Valley, died at the scene. Brendon Lee Roy Mehlhopt, a 20 year old and one of the passengers in the vehicle, received serious injuries and died in the hospital. William Higgins, an 18 year old and another one of the passengers, was able to climb out a rear window of the car with only minor cuts and bruises. Toxicology lab reports determined that all three individuals had alcohol in their system at the time of the accident. Gregor’s blood alcohol level was 101 milligrams, which exceeded by far the legal limit of 80 mg. In addition, Smith disclosed that “there was also cannabis in his system.” Smith told sources that “this was clearly an avoidable tragedy that has taken two young men’s lives and again highlights the danger of driving while alcohol intoxicated and under the influence of cannabis.” 

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