Insurance Group Lists Cities With Most DUI Offenders

An auto insurance group has reviewed its data and generated a list of the 20 most populated US cities with the most drunk driving violators. While the list compiled by shows relative numbers of DUI/DWI arrests in each of the cities, there is much debate as to the reasons for the number of arrests. Several factors influencing drunk driving arrests include; younger population centers, availability of mass transit, areas with a greater car culture and aggressiveness of law enforcement efforts to combat drinking and driving.

The ranking was determined by taking the 20 largest cities by population, reviewing the total number of requests for insurance quotes from each city and analyzing those requests for drivers indicating at least one alcohol related traffic offense on their driving record. The list then reflects a percentage of drunk driving offenders to general population. Note that no statistics were available for Boston.

Having a DUI/DWI conviction on your driving record can result in cancellation of auto insurance or significantly higher premiums, driving limitations and in many states, the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

US cities with the highest percentage of drunk driving offenders:

  • 1. San Diego, CA
  • 2. San Jose, CA
  • 3. Charlotte, NC
  • 4. Phoenix, AZ
  • 5. Columbus, OH
  • 6. Indianapolis, IN
  • 7. Los Angeles, CA
  • 8. San Francisco, CA
  • 9. Austin, TX
  • 10. Jacksonville, FL
  • 11. San Antonio, TX
  • 12. Dallas, TX
  • 13. Houston, TX
  • 14. Fort Worth, TX
  • 15. Memphis, TN
  • 16. Philadelphia, PA
  • 17. New York, NY
  • 18. Baltimore, MD
  • 19. Chicago, IL
  • 20. Detroit, MI

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