Indiana Man Arrested for Driving Drunk with Kids Strapped to Car

Aaron Stefanski
Driving Drunk with Kids Strapped to Car

On August 3, 2012 Aaron Stefanski, 29, was sentenced to 18 months of home detention for strapping four young kids to the hood of his car while driving drunk. Three of the four children were his own while the other was his neighbor’s child. Police arrested Stefanski after a liquor store manager spotted him driving away with the four kids strapped to the hood. Stefanski later pleaded guilty to 3 counts of neglect of a dependent and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Prosecutors dropped four misdemeanor charges for criminal recklessness, an infraction for driving without insurance as well as four child restraint infractions in return for his plea of guilty.

Stefanski stated that he “let the alcohol make the decision for me”. Stefanski’s ex-wife has been very vocal about his lack of a criminal history and strong efforts to be a better father to their kids and asked Judge Wendy Davis for leniency. Stefanski has also taken steps toward sobriety and enrolled in parenting classes. However, Prosecutor Tasha Lee reminded the judge that Stefanski was already driving drunk when he picked the kids up and going to the liquor store to get even more alcohol. Judge Davis reiterated to Stefanski how dangerous the situation could have gotten and that she considered the facts in the case “incredibly aggravating”.

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