Indiana DUI Offender Ordered to Keep Wrecked Car in Yard

Indiana DUI WreckStephanie Pochron, of Wanatah, is set to complete a six-month jail sentence for drunk driving in Porter County, Indiana. After her release however, she will have a constant reminder of the injury accident she caused last summer.

A Porter County Superior Court Judge has ordered the wrecked vehicle Pochron was driving at the time of the accident placed in her front yard. And it must remain there until Pocheron completes a three year probation term.

Pocheron, 30, caused a crash while driving under the influence in Indiana. She struck one vehicle and collided with another, seriously injuring a man from Ohio. It was her third Indiana DUI offense, and because there was an alcohol related accident with injury she was charged with felony drunk driving and sentenced to jail. Upon her release, Pocheron must take the anti-alcohol drug Antabuse, attend Alcohol Anonymous meetings and enroll in a substance abuse program.

Pocheron, a former bartender, told the court that she remains sober and is

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