Incidents of Texas DWI in San Marcos on Decline

Statistics released by the City of San Marcos show that alcohol related arrests and citations are declining. Incidents of Texas DWI, minors in possession of alcohol and public intoxication have all trended lower since 2005. The number of arrests for driving while intoxicated in San Marcos, TX dropped from over 150 in 2004 to less than 100 in 2007.

A spokesperson for the San Marcos Police Department said that awareness is the largest contributing factor in the declines. Motorists and students are taking more responsibility when they consume alcohol. The city website provides links to numerous agencies and resources pertaining to health and alcohol awareness. Texas State University, located in San Marcos, has initiated a free ride program to students who are intoxicated or otherwise unable to drive. Counseling and educational programs also are available to students.

Even local bar owners are not surprised by drop in Texas drunk driving and alcohol related arrests. They say that police presence and the number of patrons has remained the same, drinkers are simply making smarter decisions.

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