Huffing Driver Gets North Carolina DWI

A 19-year old woman has been charged with DWI in North Carolina after she lost control of her car and struck a tree. Randi Petrolino reportedly blacked out after inhaling dust remover while crossing the Heide Trask Drawbridge in Wrightsville Beach. Shortly after midnight Tuesday morning, Petrolino crashed through a yield sign, ran over a median, narrowly missed a power pole and hit a bed of mulch while doing an estimated 70 miles per hour. The vehicle was then launched into the air, traveling 66 feet before hitting a tree at an estimated 45 miles per hour.

A witness says that when Petrolino regained consciousness she ran from the wrecked vehicle saying she could not get another DWI.

An investigating Wrightsville Beach police officer said that Petrolino and two occupants in the car had been huffing ‘CleanSafe’ and drinking alcohol. All three people in the car were taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Petrolino was booked on charges of North Carolina DWI, underage consumption, possessing toxic fumes, inhaling toxic fumes and failure to report an accident. She was released to the custody of her mother in lieu of bond. The damage to her vehicle was estimated to be $10,000.

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