Houston Unveils Mobile DWI Lab "Batmobile" on Halloween Night

Batmobile for Houston Police DepartmentLaw enforcement agencies in Houston announced the addition of a vehicle to assist them in their fight against drunk driving in Harris County. A specialized van acts as a mobile lab that will enable officers to quickly process motorists suspected of drunk driving in Houston. A spokesperson with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department said that instead of taking the suspected drunk drivers to a booking station, the lab will take the legal process to the streets. That will eliminate travel time and speed up the process, allowing officers to return to the streets more quickly.

The vehicle contains breath and blood testing equipment, and even has a small cell for detaining arrestees. There will be electronic links to judges when a warrant is requested for drawing a blood sample to test for alcohol.

Known as the Batmobile, the vehicle was funded by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. It will be placed in service on Halloween night and be available to all area law enforcement officers conducting DWI traffic stops.

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