Houston Area Deputy Arrested for DWI in Texas

A deputy with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s department has been arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Austin area. Deputy Michael St. Romain struck and injured a motorcyclist in San Marcos over the Memorial Day weekend. Because there was an accident with injury, local police took a blood sample to test St. Romain’s blood alcohol content. While the test results are not complete, he was booked on charges of Intoxication Assault on Wednesday.

A spokesperson with Precinct 4 in the Houston area said that St. Romain would lose his job in accordance with department policy, if he is found guilty of DWI in Texas. In the interim, St. Romain has been suspended without pay. He has been a deputy patrol officer for about 18 months.

St. Romain’s Texas DWI defense lawyer says that there is evidence that his client did not commit the offense. St. Romain was purportedly in a grocery store at the time of the accident and that someone else was driving his black Mustang. San Marcos Police say that there are currently no witnesses who can provide information about the crash or the deputy’s role. Precinct 4 is allowing San Marcos to handle the investigation of the incident.

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