Charles Cowart, Drunk Horse Rider Gets DUI

Charles Cowart, Drunk Horse Rider Gets DUI

Charles Cowart, Drunk Horse Rider Gets DUI

Police in Bunnell, Florida were in for a different kind of chase than usual when reports of a drunk man riding his horse dangerously through town were called in. Charles Cowart, 29, lead police on a chase spanning more than 5 hours through downtown Bunnell. Apparently, police even had to stop traffic as well as a train when Cowart began riding his horse through the tracks on US-1. Police were unable to catch Cowart while he was on his horse but luckily his father caught up to him and managed to pull him off before he or the horse were seriously injured.

His father Chuck told reporters “That’s my son and he’s mentally depressed and the family is behind him and we’ve got him where we can help him“. After his father tackled him off the horse, Charles ran away again into some nearby swampy woods, where police did manage to find him with the help of a K-9 unit. While on his drunken horseback ride through town, many of the local townspeople apparently were seen talking to Charles and even lending him earphones after he lost his, so he could continue to ride and listen to music.

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