Highway Patrol Creates South Carolina DUI Team

The South Carolina Highway Patrol announced the creation of a special team to fight drunk driving in the state. 31 highly trained troopers will exclusively combat driving under the influence in South Carolina. Their statewide efforts will include conducting saturation patrols and monitoring areas with high numbers of SC DUI arrests.

Nearly half of all traffic fatalities in South Carolina are attributable to alcohol impairment, compared to 32% nationwide. In part from a crackdown on drunk driving, the Highway Patrol has seen the number of arrests for DUI in South Carolina rise over the years, to a total of 11,348 during 2008.

Members of the special unit can either work alone or coordinate sobriety checkpoints, patrols and other enforcement efforts with highway patrol troops across the state. Each member of the team was selected for their ability and experience in identifying and apprehending those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Their skill in assisting the prosecution of DUI offenders was also taken into consideration.

The announcement of the DUI team coincides with the launch of a multi-media advertising campaign aimed at educating the public about drinking and driving in South Carolina.

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