High BAC: Police Arrest Man With BAC Level of .58%

High BAC: Police Arrest Man With BAC Level of .58%

High BAC: Police Arrest Man With BAC Level of .58%

Police in Koscuisko County, Indiana stumbled upon a man sitting in his car on the side of the road in the early morning hours of September 16, 2012 and found that he was severely drunk. The 28 year old driver, Bradley Wine, had apparently ran out of gas, however, police were shocked to find that he has a Blood Alcohol Content(BAC) level of .548%, which is 7 times the legal limit of .08%. Authorities believe that Wine was driving on County Road 250 earlier that morning when he ran out of gas and continued to drink until they found him.

His high BAC level is shocking because medical professionals will usually tell you that .40% can be deadly while most people tend to pass out having a high BAC level of .30%. Wine was transferred to Kasciusko Community Hospital in critical condition. If police found Wine’s BAC to be .548% using a breathalyzer machine, chances are blood lab results taken at the hospital could reveal his BAC level to be even higher since blood tests are generally more accurate. Officers were apparently responding to a call about an abandoned vehicle when they found Wine in his car. The Kasciusko County Sheriff’s Department said that the blood test results and information gathered at the scene would be forwarded to the prosecutors office for potential charges.

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