Carlton Fisk, Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher, Gets DUI

Carlton Fisk, Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher, Gets DUI

ESPN reports that Carlton Fisk, ex-Chicago White Sox and hall of fame catcher, was charged with a DUI in New Lenox, Illinois this past Monday. Police officials stated that they found him passed out in his vehicle, which was stationed in the middle of a corn field.

Deputy Chief Bob Pawlisz told sources that “they contacted local paramedics in New Lenox, had him examined, and the officers had reason to believe he was under the influence. He was transported to the local hospital and charged with a lane violation, driving under the influence and illegal transportation of alcohol. An open container of alcohol was found in the vehicle.” Fisk received a DUI citation and was arrested. However, he was set free on a bond payment. He is summoned to appear in the Will County Courthouse for a hearing on November 29, 2012.

Fisk, who is now 64 years old, started his major league baseball career with the Boston Red Sox from 1969-1980. He also starred in the 1975 World Series. Coincidentally, his DUI arrest occurred one day after his 37th anniversary of his home run clinching Game 6 versus the Cincinnati Reds. He signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox in 1981 and retired from the sport in 1993. He was submitted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

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