Grant to Help Fight California DUI in Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office has received a state grant to fund efforts to catch drivers suspected of driving under the influence in California.

A $662,000 grant will be distributed over a three year period to help fund the county’s ‘Avoid The 25’ program, which targets drunk drivers through increased enforcement activities. The program name comes from the combined California DUI effort of the county’s 25 law enforcement agencies. Its efforts include roaming DUI patrols and sobriety checkpoints. The grant will also pay for a public awareness campaign about the consequences and dangers of drunk driving in California.

A separate grant of $620,115 was given to the Contra Costa County Probation Department to fund programs targeting felony California DUI offenders. According to county statistics, law enforcement agencies arrested more than 600 motorists for DUI offenses in December 2007 alone.

If you have arrested for DUI in Contra Costa County, California you will need to hire a DUI lawyer in Contra Costa.

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