Goat Found in Trunk of Car at Virginia DUI Checkpoint

Last Friday evening, sheriff’s deputies conducting a sobriety checkpoint at the Bedford County-Campbell County line heard a knocking noise coming from the trunk of one of the vehicles. When the driver was asked what was in the trunk, she replied a goat.

Fiona Ann Enderdy claimed that transporting animals in the trunk of a vehicle was acceptable practice in the United Kingdom. She said that she had purchased the goat from a farmer to give to the four Kenyan men who were in the car.

An animal control officer who was working at the checkpoint said that the goat was panting heavily and the temperature in the trunk was quite high. The goat was given water and taken to the Bedford County pound. Enderdy was charged with cruelty to an animal and released.

The Virginia DUI checkpoint was conducted by the state police, three county sheriff’s departments and two local police departments. Nearly 15,000 vehicles passed through the checkpoint over a four hour period, resulting in three arrests for DUI in Virginia and one arrest for drugs.

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