Giants Football Player, David Diehl, Pleads Guilty to DWI Charges

Giants Football Player, David Diehl, Pleads Guilty to DWI Charges

WABC news reported that David Diehl, the Giants lineman, pleaded guilty this morning to aggravated DWI and impaired driving charges. It was reported that Diehl admitted to a Queens judge that he drove a black BMW into two parked cars on 31st Street in Astoria on June 10. Diehl’s DWI charges have the possibility of getting dismissed if he complies with the penalties of completing two drunk driving programs, paying a fee of $1,200 to the owners of the car he hit, doesn’t break the law, and wears a SCRAM bracelet during the following 90 days. It was noted that Diehl could have faced up to a year in jail for his crimes.

Diehl’s attorney, Gary Certain, reported that Diehl is currently receiving treatment from the NFL’s DWI treatment program, and that he is not allowed to drive or apply for a driver’s license for the next six months. The New York Post stated that before Diehl was released from the court hearing, the judge scolded him by saying, “Sir, please don’t drink and drive. Look what happened here, you could have been seriously hurt.” 

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