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from the date of your arrest for DUI in Georgia to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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Protecting Your Rights after a DUI in Georgia

Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DUI in Glynn County

An arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia is a serious offense. Your future and your freedom are on the line, and you need to seek professional legal advice. Note that many attorneys operate general law practices that include personal injury and family law; and they have little experience in drunk driving defense. You need Glynn County DUI lawyer, Jarrett Maillet, to defend your case. For a free, initial consultation, call (912) 225-4404 right away to schedule a meeting with Jarrett Maillet.

Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C.
Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C.
Jarrett Maillet
Camden County DUI Lawyer
210 E 31st St
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  • Former prosecutor
  • Experienced public defender and investigator
  • Offers free initial consultation
  • Focuses law practice on DUI/DWI, traffic violations, constitutional, and criminal law

Glynn County DUI lawyer Jarrett Maillet practices criminal defense exclusively. He understands Georgia DUI laws and the complex legal system. He will ensure that your rights are protected in the courtroom. Attorney Jarrett Maillet’s skills and experience can make the difference between jail and having your case reduced or dismissed.

Complete Georgia DUI Defense

Brunswick DUI attorney Jarrett Maillet does not believe in making a quick buck by pleading you guilty or accepting just any plea offer from the prosecutor. He will be open and honest with you throughout the handling of your case. He will thoroughly investigate the details of your arrest, talk with you about your needs, outline your legal options and then develop the right defense strategy to get results. The law office of Jarrett Maillet will stand with you to help you get the best possible outcome.

Request a Free Initial Consultation

Glynn County DUI lawyer, Jarrett Maillet offers a free, no obligation interview so he can learn more about your situation. He will also elaborate on how the law firm can help you. The goal of the law firm is to reduce, minimize or eliminate the penalties associated with an arrest for DUI in Glynn County.

To schedule a meeting, call (912) 225-4404 or fill out the on-line consultation request form. Your inquiry is secure and confidential, so act now.

About DUI in Georgia

The legal definition of drunk driving in Georgia is having a blood alcohol content at or above 0.08%. However, a law enforcement officer can initiate an arrest based on just the perception of impairment. While drunk or impaired driving is never condoned, it seems that the mere presence of alcohol can lead to an arrest for driving under the influence in Glynn County. Field sobriety tests can be devised to make you fail. Answers to seemingly innocent questions can be used against you. Lack of equipment calibration or incorrect application of breath tests can lead to false BAC readings. Realize that the court system is geared to securing a DUI conviction. To balance the efforts of the prosecutor and the police, you need aggressive representation for DUI defense in Glynn County.

Brunswick DUI attorney Jarrett Maillet will challenge probable cause for the traffic stop, study the arrest report and any video evidence for errors in police procedure, analyze the application of field sobriety tests, review equipment maintenance records and research medical conditions that may have impacted your test results.

Don’t leave your future to chance; contact Georgia lawyer Jarrett Maillet for immediate help with an arrest for DUI in Georgia.

Driver’s License Suspension

Time is very important when fighting an arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia. This is most evident when it comes to the suspension of your driver’s license. You have just 10 days from the date of your arrest to petition the Department of Motor Vehicles for an Administrative License Suspension hearing. Failure to do so could result in loss of all driving privileges for up to one year.

Glynn County DUI lawyer, Jarrett Maillet can help you with scheduling an ALS hearing. He has significant experience representing clients at the hearings and will increase the odds of saving your driving privileges. DUI defense is very complex; for the best result don’t delay in contacting the law office of Jarrett Maillet.

Penalties for Georgia DUI

Georgia DUI laws are periodically modified, making it that much more important to hire an attorney with specific experience in defending clients accused of impaired traffic violations; including like drunk driving, DUI, DWI, and driving while under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription medication.

The criminal penalties for a misdemeanor first offense for DUI in Georgia can include jail, community service, fines, surcharges, court fees and supervised probation. Depending on the details of your arrest, you could be required to undergo an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation and Treatment. You could also lose your auto insurance or be required to pay significantly higher premiums.

Perhaps the biggest impact of being found guilty of Georgia DUI is having a criminal arrest record. That could damage your credit rating and keep you from qualifying for a credit account; lead to difficulties with your current job and reduce future employment opportunities; and even keep you from traveling to some countries.

It is important to try to keep your arrest record clean. The sooner you get Brunswick Georgia DUI lawyer Jarrett Maillet involved in your case, the more options he will have to reach a desirable outcome. Jarrett Maillet knows how to build an effective defense based on the facts of your case. There are many legal recourses that could result in reduction of the charge to a non-criminal offense or dismissal of your case.

Call now for a free consultation, and begin getting help you can rely on.

About Attorney Jarrett Maillet, Glynn County DUI Lawyer

Glynn County DUI lawyer, Jarrett Maillet is a former prosecutor who now practices criminal defense. That experience gives him a unique perspective of both sides of a criminal case, and his ability to anticipate the prosecution’s argument gives you an advantage in the courtroom.

Jarrett Maillet understands an arrest for DUI in Brunswick/Glynn County, Georgia can be stressful and that his clients place a lot of trust in him. He is an advocate for the rights of his clients and is dedicated to working hard to achieve the best possible result. Throughout your case, attorney Jarrett Maillet will take the time to answer your questions and discuss its status.

In addition to accepting credit cards for payment, the law firm can devise a flexible and affordable payment options.

Principal of the law firm, Jarrett Maillet, graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Criminal Justice Degree and received a law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law. Before starting his own law practice, attorney Maillet was with the District Attorney’s office in the Atlanta area and then became a Public Defender in southeast Georgia as part of a statewide public defender’s office.

Schedule a Free DUI Consultation

As mentioned, time is very critical for a successful Georgia DUI defense. Contact Glynn County DUI lawyer, Jarrett Maillet for a free initial review of your case. Simply fill out the form or call (912) 225-4404 to start building your defense.

Georgia DUI Attorney Jarrett Maillet offers:

  • Aggressive representation
  • Reliable legal knowledge
  • DUI defense experience
  • Thorough case preparation
  • A commitment to his clients
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