Georgia Woman Charged With DUI After Dropping Son Off at School

Wednesday morning a Georgetown woman was arrested for driving under the influence in Georgia as she slipped in and out of consciousness after dropping her son off at summer school. About a half mile from the school, Barbara Thornton nearly struck another vehicle and a pole while pulling into a gas station parking lot. She then passed out in her car.

A Quitman County Sheriff’s deputy was able to shake Thornton awake but she was incoherent. She was unable to maintain her balance to perform field sobriety tests and she kept closing her eyes and falling asleep. Thornton said that she had taken medication before the incident. Because she refused to provide a blood or urine sample to test for drugs or alcohol, her driver’s license was suspended. She was booked at the Miller County Jail on charges of DUI in Georgia.

Thornton, 34, had been arrested for possession of cocaine last March and sentenced to probation.

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