Georgia Issues Grants to Fight DUI Deaths

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the State of Georgia recently unveiled a series of grant programs designed to be a comprehensive effort to reduce drunk driving deaths. The grants total nearly $5 million and they will be used by state organizations to tackle the issue of DUI related traffic fatalities from every angle, including alcohol awareness education, law enforcement, legal prosecution and driver rehabilitation.

Beneficiaries of the grant programs include:
DUI Courts
Help create a separate and distinct court for DUI suspects with a special focus on rehabilitation and reduction of repeat DUI offenses. Those appearing in DUI Court will typically have multiple DUI arrests with high BAC.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program
Revamp the curriculum of the program all teenagers under the age of 18 must pass before being issued a driver’s license.

H.E.A.T. and DUI task force units
Funding specialized traffic enforcement units that focus on drunk driving, aggressive driving and excessive speeding.
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab
General grant for the Forensic Sciences Toxicology Section, which provides support for law enforcement officers by analyzing evidence in suspected DUI cases.

Alcohol and drugs are involved with one third of Georgia‘s traffic fatalities. Law enforcement officers in Georgia appear ready to stem that statistic by fighting drunk driving on all fronts.

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