Gary Collins Arrested for California DUI Again

Gary Collins was stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence near Montecito, California around 9:15 Sunday night after reportedly crossing the center line and nearly hitting an oncoming police car. Collins refused to perform field sobriety tests though he did submit to a blood alcohol test. During the arrest, he told the officers he thought he was in the San Fernando Valley, which is nearly an hour and a half to the east. Collins was booked on charges of California DUI at the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Collins pled no contest to a California drunk driving charge last year following an accident that left another motorist dead. The other driver was found to have caused the wreck by making an illegal left turn, so Collins was not charged with manslaughter. Collins admitted to being drunk however and he spent four days in jail and entered an alcohol rehab program. He was also placed on four-year probation, meaning that the recent DUI in Santa Barbara County may lead to a new jail sentence. Collins was found not guilty of DUI in Mississippi in 2002.

Collins. 70, is the former host of the

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