Four Tennessee DUI Arrests in Four Months

A Clarksville, Tennessee woman has been arrested for driving under the influence four times in four months. Nicole Santos was arrested June 27, 2010 after her car left the road and traveled nearly the length of a football field, knocking down three light poles. She was driving home from a bar.

Santos, who turned 21 early this year, had previously been arrested for DUI in Tennessee on February 2, April 10 and May 21. She was also convicted of drunk driving in 2007, when she was 18 years old.

Santos’ bond was set at $5000, which she posted within a few hours of her arrest. She has not been to court on any of the recent TN DUI arrests, and the 2007 conviction is the only current mark on her driving record.

Have you been arrested for a Tennessee DUI?

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