Former Spurs Player Devin Brown Gets DWI

Former Spurs Player Devin Brown Gets DWI

Devin BrownDevin Brown, a former basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs was arrested and charged with DWI on March 26, 2013. While many details regarding the incident have yet to be released, Brown was charged with DWI, having a blood alcohol content (BAC) level higher than .15%. The charge is a Class A misdemeanor, with the legal limit being .08%. Brown was released on Wednesday after posting a bail of $1,600. It is still unclear if Brown performed any field sobriety tests during the arrest or exactly what his BAC level was.

Devin Brown played with the Spurs from 2002-2005 and averaged 7.4 points with 18.5 minutes off the bench. However, after the 2005 championship season with the Spurs, Brown left the team and signed on with the Utah Jazz as a free agent. Brown later went on to play with the New Orleans Saints before eventually leaving the NBA in 2010. Brown was raised in San Antonio and attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, becoming one of only 2 UTSA players to appear in the NBA.

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