Former Councilwoman, Iya Falcone, Charged With DUI

Former Councilwoman, Iya Falcone, Charged With DUI

Iya Falcone

Iya Falcone, former Santa Barbara Councilwoman, was convicted of DUI on Monday. Investigations related to the incident, which occurred on September 19, showed that Falcone had a receipt that showed she bought a cocktail at 9:58 a.m. at the Mesa Cafe. A little less than half an hour later, a police official stopped her for suspicion of DUI. Her blood alcohol level was .24 and she hit a parked car near the Mesa Shopping Center. Due to the fact that Falcone is a public figure and that her blood level was allegedly three times the legal limit, she received a different punishment.

According to sources, Falcone was “ordered to pay $2,500 in fines and court fees — $500 more than most DUI offenders…attend nine months of alcohol school — six months more than most offenders get…and required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week for 30 days.” In addition to that, the judge also demanded Falcone to give four public lectures at schools or other non profit organizations about the consequences associated with drunk driving.

Although Falcone’s lawyer refused to disclose any information to the public, Falcone managed to tell KEY News: “I did have two glasses of wine and I take medications, they don’t mix… This is very unfortunate, I’m very sorry for those involved, it will never happen again.”

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