Former Cop Pleads Guilty to Washington DUI in Seattle

A former Seattle police detective pleaded guilty to two counts of driving under the influence in Washington. Last year Deana Jarrett was arrested for DUI twice in two days. Jarrett, now 55, was charged with drunk driving in Redmond, Washington on April 10, 2007. She crashed into two cars the following day and was charged with another DUI offense. At the time she held the record for the highest recorded blood-alcohol content with a reading of 0.47%.

The guilty plea entered into King County District Court was related to those two arrests. Jarrett also had her probation rescinded for yet another drunk driving offense, meaning she will likely face 30 days in jail for that prior arrest. A sentencing hearing will be held June 13.

Jarrett was a 20-year veteran with the Seattle police department. She later worked at Sea-Tac Airport for the Transportation Security Administration.

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