Football Player, Titus Young, Gets Arrested for DUI and Burglary

Football Player, Titus Young, Gets Arrested for DUI and Burglary

Sporting News reported that Titus Young, a former football receiver for the Detroit Lions, was arrested on suspicion of DUI and then arrested again the same day for burglary when trying to take his car from a tow yard. Police officials stopped Young after he was spotted driving his Ford Mustang in California on the wrong lane, towards oncoming traffic, and making an illegal left turn.  Police records state that he was arrested on suspicion of DUI, cited and released. However, a couple of hours later, police officials received a phone call from someone claiming that a man was jumping the fence of a tow company. As soon as police officials arrived at the scene, they discovered that it was Young trying to climb the fence and get his vehicle out. He was arrested again and charged with suspicion of burglary. It was noted that the Detroit Lions drafted Young out of Boise State in 2011, but released him in February after a drop in productivity and disputes with teammates. Young had very poor conduct and even sucker-punched a teammate. In addition, he was also playing for the St. Louis Rams but was taken off the team in less than two weeks for bad behavior.

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