Florida Teacher Gets Arrested For DUI At School

Florida Teacher Gets Arrested For DUI At School

News Channel 5 reported that on Thursday morning, Claire Danskin, a foreign language teacher at Vero Beach High School in Florida was charged with a DUI at the school parking lot. The police report stated that Danskin, who is 60 years old, called the attention of several faculty members “when  she parked her Toyota straddling two parking spaces, struck an art teacher’s van, and walked away with her car still running.” 

Police officers immediately responded to the situation and apprehended Danskin. A blood alcohol content test determined that Danskin had no alcohol in her system, but that she “was under the influence of medication.” However, police officers still “charged her with a DUI after failing most of the sobriety exercises, including two attempts to recite the alphabet.” 

Danskin reported to the legal officers that on Wednesday evening, she had drank a glass of wine and taken a pain pill. She also confessed that the following morning, the day of the incident, she had taken some more medication for high blood pressure. She was booked at the Indian River County Jail and was given a $500 bail bond. Sources are still waiting for more information on the occurrence to report.

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