Florida DUI Suspect Sets Fire to Police Cruiser

A Texas man was arrested Monday night for suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida, after being involved in two accidents. He is also accused of setting fire to a police cruiser during his arrest.

Around 11:15 pm Jonathan Daniel Elenbaas struck a pole in a convenience store parking lot and then hit a car a short distance away. Hernando County sheriff’s deputies responding to the scene saw Elenbaas “staggering all over the road.” During the arrest and scene investigation, Elenbaas was placed in the backseat of a deputy’s cruiser. Shortly after, a witness saw smoke coming from the vehicle. Elenbaas was removed from the vehicle and the fire was extinguished. Apparently a traffic vest had been ignited and the flames spread to the front seat of the cruiser. Elenbaas did have a lighter in his front pocket, but he denied setting the fire.

Elenbaas, 31, was booked on charges of DUI in Florida with property damage, arson and careless driving. He declined to submit to a breath test. He has a 2008 drunk driving offense on his record from Pennsylvania. Considered a flight risk, bond for Elenbaas was set at $10,000.

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