Flipped Car in DUI Crash Ends in Heroic Rescue

Driver Whose Car Hung Precariously Over 30-foot Drop is Rescued and then Charged with DUI

A one-vehicle crash ended with the driver being rescued, then being cited for DUI. Lowell Abrams, a 50-year-old man from Cardington, crashed into a guardrail and became stuck over a 30-foot catch basin at 12:30a.m. His vehicle hit the guardrail, got wrapped in a chain-link fence, and then overturned, landing upside down on top of a concrete catch basin. On one side, there was a 30-foot drop into the basin, and on the other side, there was an 8-foot drop. Abrams was trapped in his vehicle, and the car’s hood was resting on the Bowman St. embankment, and the trunk was resting on the opposite side.

Luckily, firefighters were flagged down by a passing tow truck, and they were able to stabilize the car with cables and winches. With two 18-foot ladders, the firefighters were able to reach Abrams. They pulled him out of the passenger window, and overall the rescue operation took about 30 minutes. Abrams was transported to Mansfield Hospital, where he was arrested for drunk driving. Abrams was also charged with failure to maintain reasonable control.

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