Ferrari Owner Hits Multiple Cars Trying to Avoid NJ DWI Traffic Stop

Ferrari F430David Sainato, 42, is a bail bondsman who makes a living out of helping people get out jail. On Monday evening he had to post his own bail after crashing his Ferrari during a wild chase that resulted in several people being sent to the hospital.

Weehawken police were alerted to a gray Ferrari 430 that had hit several cars around 6:30 pm. Police managed to pull over the vehicle but as they approached, Sainato sped away, striking a Subaru station wagon in his attempted escape. The Ferrari then struck two more vehicles a few hundred yards away. One of those vehicles, a Chevrolet Impala carrying six people, flipped over and came to a rest on its roof. Finally the Ferrari, which had a value of $262,000 when new, hit a Nissan Maxima, damaging yet another vehicle with flying debris.

Sainato was treated for head trauma at a local medical center. Four of the six people in the Impala were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The results of tests for blood alcohol content are still pending. Sainato faces several charges, including driving while intoxicated in New Jersey.

Sainato was arrested for making terroristic threats last September 30. On November 23 he was charged again with making terroristic threats and for aggravated assault. He is currently out on $250,000 bail for those charges. Last February, Sainato sideswiped another vehicle and hit a tree, for which he was charged with drunk driving in New Jersey and resisting arrest. In the early 90

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