Famous Stripper, Carol Doda, Arrested For DUI

Famous Stripper, Carol Doda, Arrested For DUI

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that famous stripper, Carol Doda, was recently arrested for a DUI in San Francisco. Doda, now 76 years old, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after plowing into a parked car the other night outside a tony steak restaurant in the Financial District. The investigation report stated that she crashed her 2006 Acura into a car that was valet parked outside of the restaurant. According to the news story, she didn’t receive any major injuries and smelled like alcohol. Doda told legal personnel that she had ‘a couple of drinks’ at the Gino and Carlo bar in North Beach and was on her way home. Police officers attempted to give her several field sobriety tests but stopped for fear that she might fall and get hurt. It was determined that no tests were conducted. Doda’s driver license was automatically suspended and she was arrested for DUI. It was noted that Doda was once a Condor Club star made famous by her silicone-enhanced 44D bustline. No further information was released.

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