Fake DUI Call Used to Seize $3.3 Million in Wyoming

In order to stop a pick-up truck known to be carrying eight suitcases filled with $3.3 million in cash, both a DEA agent and Wyoming State Trooper Ben Peech each abused their law enforcement authority by calling in false reports of suspected drunk driver. That gave Peech the excuse to wait along Interstate 80 at 3:00 in the morning and stop the truck.

The occupants of the truck Peech targeted were a driver and a DEA informant who had alerted law enforcement to the cash transit. Peech used the suspicion of DUI as an excuse to stop and search the vehicle. The suitcases with cash were seized though no charges were filed against either the driver or the informant.

For his role in the incident, Peech, 36, was fired. A statement from the Highway Patrol, said Peech’s tactics "jeopardized the integrity of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, and the REDDI (DUI hotline) program." Federal officials plan to keep the $3.3 million.

Peech indicated he had no ethical concerns "using subterfuge or making false reports to assist in legitimate investigations." He also said that "if dishonesty were grounds for dismissal, then any and all undercover agents in the state of Wyoming should be fired for the dishonest legal law enforcement tactics they are required to use."

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