Facebook Helping Drivers Avoid DUI Checkpoints And DUI’s

Facebook Helping Drivers Avoid DUI Checkpoints And DUI’s

facebook checkpointsPopular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are quickly becoming tools used by the public to avoid DUI checkpoints and quite possibly, drunk driving. Police in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania announced on June 5, 2013 at a press conference that they intend to increase the number of DUI checkpoints and patrols by 15% throughout the summer. While Facebook pages set up to warn drivers of DUI checkpoints may lead to fewer drivers getting caught, police say that it may not be because drivers are taking other routes, but actually that they are avoiding getting behind the wheel all together.

Lackawanna County Assistant D.A. Robert Klein said “Someone may be sitting in a bar and say, ‘Oh, my gosh, I just saw this posting there’s a DUI checkpoint.’ And that’s where we hope they make the right decision“. Klein believes that social media sites warning drivers about DUI checkpoints may ruin the element of surprise but also forces them to make the concious decision to risk driving drunk knowing that they could run into a DUI checkpoint at any moment. William Bilinski, Dickson City Police Chief, also noted that police may choose to use the information posted online to maintain the element of surprise by changing the location of certain checkpoints that drivers have been warned about. Regarding those changes, Bilinski said “The information is out there, we’re not hiding it. We’re going to be out there enforcing it. If you post it out there we’ll take that information, maybe we’ll stay in the same spot, maybe we won’t“.

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