Facebook and Twitter Used to Trump Efforts at DUI Checkpoints

Facebook and Twitter Help Warn People of DUI Checkpoints

Individuals are now using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to warn others of DUI checkpoint locations and thwart police efforts to catch suspected drunk drivers. People are aware that police officers often set up checkpoint areas to catch people who are breaking the law at peak times due to the frequency of events. Now people have found a way to circumvent getting these tickets or being arrested by reading their friends’ posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Police are known for being at certain checkpoints on Friday and Saturday nights, on New Years, and even parking in winery driveways to make sure and catch those who might be venturing out unsafely. Nowadays, all of these locations have stopped working because of the warnings people have been posting to their respective social media venues. Police at first were very interested that people are trying to help others by warning them in the first place!

As cited from Associated Press, the usual big checkpoints are no longer feasible for police officers trying to fill their monthly quotas. Police have been making efforts to start to take back roads or set up checkpoints at random times and locations during the week instead of their usual routines. Barbara Harsha of the Governors Highway Safety Association commented on the situation by saying, “Social media cuts both ways. It can be a good tool to inform the public about what’s going on, and it also can be used to undermine enforcement efforts.”

Even though police have been working to work around the situation, DUI’s are still administered like always. It’s not about getting caught, it’s about staying safe!

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