F1 Race Car Driver Stopped for Drunk Driving

Race Car DUIIt seems race car driver Kimi Raikkonen’s reputation as a party animal just lapped everyone on the Formula 1 circuit. The 26 year old Finn had his driver’s license and passport confiscated by the police for driving under the influence (DUI).

The incident occurred after the Team McLaren-Mercedes driver attended a post-race party sponsored by Red Bull following the August 6 Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest. Initial reports stated Kimi was so drunk that he lost his wallet with over $7500 in cash and his identification papers though that information has since been disproved. The cash will certainly come in handy as it is the anticipated fine for the drunk driving charge.

Kimi recently signed with Ferrari for the 2007 F1 racing season. The Hungarian episode, coupled with his previous party incidents in Switzerland and Finland, may now have his new team leaders expressing doubts about him.

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