English Teacher Gets Arrested In Class For DWI

English Teacher Gets Arrested In Class For DWI

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that a high school English  teacher,  April L. Roods, got arrested for DWI. Roods was arrested during her first-period class for allegedly arriving at school drunk. Deputies arrested Roods, 39 years old, after she drove drunk to school. According to the news story, she was removed from her first-period classroom at Wayne High School and taken into custody. Wayne Central School District told the source that it fully supports the legal investigation pertaining Roods’ case. In addition, the school district will also be conducting an internal investigation. A public statement from the school district, stated, “It is important to keep in mind that Ms. Roods…is presumed innocent of any wrongdoing and it has yet to be determined exactly what happened…” It was noted that Roods was released from jail for her DWI. She received a court hearing date to appear at the Ontario Town Court. No further information was released.

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