DWI.com Debuts at the TCDLA's 19th Annual Rusty Duncan in San Antonio

Although DWI.com has planned their official release for August 1st, 2006, DWI.com will be allowing Texas DWI Attorneys to sign up and advertise over one month in advance of this official release date.  DWI.com will be prereleasing their service next week at the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s 19th Annual Rusty Duncan Conference in San Antonio. DWI.com will be exhibiting for the conference which is programmed to discuss State Bar specialization exam topics, cover state laws, and consult relevant cases that may aide criminal lawyers today. 
DWI.com has found the perfect venue in the TCDLA’s Rusty Duncan Conference, with innumerous potential clients. DWI.com functions as an interactive nationwide DWI and DUI attorney resource center, with a wealth of information for both lawyers and the public, alike. There is educational material regarding DWI and DUI charges and the laws surrounding them that is state-specific, and the public is guided to a selected DWI defense attorney in exclusive markets. The most exciting feature of DWI.com is its user-versatility. DWI.com is soon to be the preeminent DWI and DUI information source for the public and for the attorneys defending them. 
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