DUI Suspect Makes Plea Deal on Roadside

Middle School Math Teacher Arrested for DUI

A middle school teacher allegedly tried to get out of her DUI arrest by offering to pay the police officer. When that didn’t work, she allegedly offered sexual favors. 53-year-old Mary Maloney is a Palm Beach middle school teacher who was arrested after a reported hit-and-run crash. Police reported that Maloney had alcohol in her van, and she also smelled of booze.

The arresting officer reported that Maloney immediately smelled of alcohol when he approached her van. He said that she refused to do field sobriety tests and cursed throughout the investigation. “She began to yell and make random vulgar statements,” the officer wrote. “Her speech was so slurred I could hardly understand what she was saying.”

Maloney allegedly asked the officer, “How much do I need to pay you to just let me go? Don’t you understand I am a school teacher?” After she was arrested and was being taken to the police station, she then allegedly offered the officer oral sex.

She is being charged with hit-and-run, resisting an officer, DUI, refusal to submit to a breath test, driving while license suspended, and bribery of a public servant.

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