DUI Suspect Chaperoned Children for Ding, Dong, Ditch Prank

DUI Suspect Arrested after Allegedly Driving Carload of Children Playing Home Pranks

DUI Suspect Deschler

DUI suspect, 42-year-old Brent A. Deschler of Louisville, was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, possession of an open container in a motor vehicle, and wanton endangerment. According to police, Deschler told police that he was chaperoning three children from a house where they had just played a “ding, dong, ditch” prank. He told the police he had drunk five to six beers. He took a Breathalyzer test which reported his blood alcohol levels to be at .159% which is more than twice the legal limit. He also had an open bottle of Michelob beer in his truck, according to his arrest report.

The police were originally responding to a report that shots had been fired from a gray truck and that the truck was driving erratically and was fish-tailing as it sped away. It has not been confirmed if Deschler was the suspect of the shots fired. Brent A. Deschler was a Business Analyst & Reporting Manager at JP Morgan Chase.

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