DUI Pennsylvania Cop Crashes Into Other Cops

An off-duty police officer was charged with driving under the influence in Pennsylvania after he crashed his H3 Hummer into two parked police cruisers. The squad cars were parked near a police roadblock when Thomas Walker hit them around 2:00 am Friday, injuring one officer in each vehicle.

Police said that Walker lives in Cecil Township and is employed in nearby South Fayette. The vehicles he struck were from neighboring Bridgeville, southwest of Pittsburgh. The two officers were investigating a report of shots being fired. Walker was placed in a squad car while officers responding to the scene checked on the injured men. Walker however got out the squad car and started walking away, ignoring the instructions of the police. He was handcuffed and returned to the squad car.

The two injured officers are in stable condition in a local hospital. Walker was also taken to a hospital, where a blood sample was taken to check for blood alcohol content. He was booked on suspicion of DUI in PA and aggravated assault.

The South Fayette police chief said that the department would conduct an internal investigation before considering action against Walker.

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