DUI Offender Attempts To Bribe an Officer With Sexual Act for Freedom

DUI Offender Attempts To Bribe an Officer With Sexual Act for Freedom

WDRB News@4 reported that a DUI offender in Louisville, Kentucky attempted to get back her freedom by offering sexual favors to a police officer. It was determined through the Louisville police report that the suspect, Amanda M. Dudek, “was driving near the corner of Dixie Highway and Ashby Lane, just before 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, when she smashed into the back of another vehicle, then veered off the road and hit the curb.”

Police personnel arrived to the crime scene only to find Dudek, who is 24 years old, outside of the vehicle and struggling to stand up. In addition, police officials stated that Dudek’s speech was slurred. Although police officials faced great difficulty in trying to apprehend Dudek, they managed to arrest her at the scene of crime. Police officers reported that Dudek “became very loud and started screaming, demanding to go home.”

It was also reported that “as she was being transported to Metro Corrections…she began kicking the windows of the police vehicle, and even offered to perform a sex act on the officer if he would let her go home.” The police officers then proceeded to interrogate and question Dudek about driving drunk at the time of the accident. However, Dudek failed to take responsobility for her actions and claimed that “the other driver shouldn’t have stopped in front of her.” She was charged with a DUI.

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