DUI Fine $71,000

Drunk Driving Carries $71,000 Fine in Norway

OSLO, Norway – A well-to-do woman of Oslo secured herself a $71,000 fine by crashing into three parked cars, giving the police a made-up name, punching one police officer, and yelling insults at other

The incident, which happened in Aug. 2003, resulted in her arrest. Police stated that the woman had drunk the equivalent of a little more than two bottles of wine.

Her blood alcohol level, measured by police, was 0.2-ten times the legal maximum for the country of Norway.

Because Norwegian courts use the convicted individual’s salary as a basis for the fine, this wealthy businesswoman was fined $71,000. Her yearly income was $860,000. She also spent 25 days in jail.

It is the highest drunk driving fine ever for Norway.

July 6, 2004

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